Catalyst for Renewal Shreveport

The Plan

Site Plan Rendering by Alan Dyson

Blue Goose Hill

Blue Goose Grocery and Market will be the centerpiece of the neighborhood. Just like the original, it will be locally owned and will feature local music, a restaurant and a bar. It will be a new/old gathering place for residents and visitors.

The market will offer fine dining, along with a family atmosphere and live music nightly. Restaurant menu items will be named after legendary blues artists, creating a fun dining experience while educating the customers about local legendary blues artists.

The restaurant will have a family atmosphere during the day, and an adult atmosphere in the evening with live music and cocktails. The interior will be decorated with images of the famous (and infamous) Blues artists who frequented the Blue Goose in the ‘20s and ‘30s. Established and aspiring Blues artists will be featured performers. The Blue Goose Grocery and Market will be owned by Catalyst For Renewal Shreveport.

Fulco’s Grocery, rebuilt and well-stocked, will eliminate the long-standing food desert problem in the Blue Goose Neighborhood.

Hogan’s Barber Shop is the oldest operating barber shop in Shreveport. Revitalizing this element of the area which is rich in history is needed. The building is currently vacant and needs repair. But, being the oldest standing we believe this history needs to be preserved. This property is located on Blue Goose Hill and will be owned and managed by CFRS.

"Residents and guests will find balance between business, life, and entertainment."

The development will create a lively and livable community, offering conveniences and services for the residents which are unavailable in non-urban neighborhoods. The vision promotes a successful, healthy lifestyle within a vibrant, active community. Residents and guests will find balance between business, life, and entertainment. Catalyst For Renewal Shreveport will usher in a new level of urban living in Northwest Louisiana.

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